Anorexic Diet for Anorexic People

Now before we start on anything, we’d like to tell you that it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor/dietician before starting any sort of anorexic diet, especially one like this.
During this diet, if you ever feel excessively weak, lethargic, moody or frustrated, again, consult a doctor, and stop following this diet entirely.
If you feel any problems occurring, note that they might easily grow, and you could develop anorexia.
So don’t indulge in any form of self-shaming, in the hopes that it will help you in the journey towards getting slimmer, don’t follow any programmes that trick your brain or you into eating lesser.

anorexic diet

What is the Anorexic Diet?

The anorexic diet is also known as the 500 calorie diet, or the 5 bite diet, where you eat just five bites of everything.

This sort of diet is thought-of as the secret to some celebrities’ slim bodies.

People all over think of this diet as a quick solution to all their weight related problems, even those who aren’t actually fat.

[So if you constantly remind yourself that you are ‘fat’ and ‘disgusting’, you might need professional help. Anorexia is a complex psychological disorder that takes a lot out of you. Anorexic people often go through a long and hard recovery.]

Due to its misuse, often leading to starvation and health decline, this diet is highly controversial and potentially dangerous.

So, what we propose is a milder version of the anorexic diet.

The general plan is to take five bites of every meal you eat.

But we ask you not to do so.
We ask you to at least take 10 bites of a particular food if you really want to follow this plan.
And since this is still little compared to what the average person eats, it is recommended that you consume only the healthiest foods, high in protein and fiber.

You might want to cut down on fats, but don’t avoid them altogether.

Scientific studies have shown that starting a sudden low calorie diet can cause the body to go into a starvation state, where it converts all consumed food into fats. Even healthy stuff like proteins.

This is because the body assumes that you’ve landed into a food shortage, so it changes consumed food into fat for survival.

So you’ll actually get fatter if you try to starve yourself.

So the bottom line is, consume less food, but more healthy food. And take care to eat adequately.
And one last thing.
Stay away from purging.

Just don’t even think about it.

This was just a brief introduction of the anorexic diet.

Keep visiting us for more useful and interesting diet tips and measures.

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Jennifer Amigon

i will love to be part of this.
i have tried loss weigh before but i can’t hope you guys can help me ….


I believe I can do this, but I’d need a buddy. We can run things through each other and limit the amount we consume..


This isn’t healthy at all. If you are considering a diet like this, seek help before you cause life-long health problems!


I.need a ana buddy alexis_clements1 instagram dm me

No Friend of Annie
I have been anorexic for years and I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. You can not avoid the other mental health issues which come with it, is impossible. Instead, you should go to your doctor about your ideal weight and achieve it from a healthy diet. When you are anorexic you have no energy or strength. You might have the body you want but your hair will fall out and your skin will be a sickly colour- it is seriously no worth it. 500 calories a day is not a healthy diet, just look for healthy substitutes… Read more »
I have tried everything and am looking for something different. Something extreme. I understand it’s unhealthy but at this point I have 20 and 285 lbs and have been this weight since i was 16. I have tried and tried and tried. I want to do this so badly. If you can name me something healthier that I HAVEN”T TRIED IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS I would be surprised. I have exercised I have eat healthy, I have even gone vegetarian for a bit there, I have done portion control and no fats and all fats and only proteins. I… Read more »

I need an Ana buddy. My snapchat is Gracie_hines11

Tanner Meserve

hey, i need an ana buddy to hold me accountable I am very chubby Snapchat is tmeserve2

Jaki smith
I am a 45 year old woman who suffered from anorexia after the birth of my son. I dropped to 87 lbs in few months. (I’m 5’9”). Over a period of 10 yrs my weight increased to 109. Along with it I suffered digestive problems and have not been able to digest meat of any kind or peanut butter for the past 24 years. I also now have congestive heart failure( since I turned 30) kidney failure bone loss, I could go on and on. With all the meds I take I am now a disgusting weight of 157. As… Read more »
I didn’t think I’d go back to doing this, but I am. I don’t want to say I am anorexic, because personally i don’t consider myself to be. I was fourteen and 198 pounds when i started to feel bad about my weight. So i started to eat less and starve myself. I lost up to twenty pounds when i first started and i was 175. i felt okay then. but then at fifteen, i had to do it again because being 175 still wasn’t enough. so i dropped a few more pounds, 160, then i actually made it to… Read more »